She Dreams In Colour

Welcome to 'She Dreams In Colour’ - the latest collection of original works by Casey (Grotti Lotti).

This body of work was inspired by the colours and shapes that shift behind my eyes as my mind wanders before falling asleep. I made sure there were no rules with this lot: gave myself permission to play, not stick to one theme, medium, or palette - and the outcome is pure joy.

I hope you love them as much as I enjoyed creating them for you (IMPOSSIBLE!).

A Pocket Full of Posies

A small curated bunch of works to finish off the year, inspired by the work I want to see in my own home. We have spent a vast amount of 2021 renovating our home, thus this is a smaller than usual amount of work for you to snap up - but in turn, it's a pretty special bunch that I am completely in LOVE with. Featuring some of my fave colours, and some subtler works (if I do say so myself). Once again with the ambition to bring nature and joy inside. Happy shopping, or looking.

Playing Paddocks

Remember playing paddocks as a kid? All the dots and lines? Our youngest loves a good game of paddocks and a cuppa. The magic mindfulness and meditation of stillness and making marks. This is what my thoughts were full of whilst creating this lot of original art, the beauty in every single brush stroke, beyond the beauty of the painting as a whole. I have one hundred favourite pieces in these nine paintings, ENJOY!

Howdy, Howdy - Let's Get Rowdy

Guys, my favourite collection yet! So much colour and joy! From stealing bottle brush on my morning walks, to exploring the beaches of the east coast and finally laying under the blossoms of flowering gums. This whole collection captures all the wicked colour and joy that I have experienced in the last five months. Enjoy, and if you end up owning one of these works - thank you in advance. They are tiny little pieces of my mind and heart.

Two In The Bush

This selection of original Grotti Lotti artwork has been inspired by Autumn beach shack getaways, mountain hikes in our local Grampians ranges, rowdy annual camping adventures and stuff I pick up from the ground and take in along the way. They say a bird in the hand...

Here's Me Kookas

Introducing the Here’s Me Kookas collection – all original Grotti Lotti artwork! Buy your very own unique, one of a kind Grotti Lotti piece. All of the artwork in the Here’s Me Kookas collection are originals, and no prints will be available.