Everybody’s Heard About The Bird

A-well-a ev’rybody’s heard about the bird
B-b-b-bird, b-birdd’s a word.

Featuring a rowdy mob of feathered friends that leapt out of my head onto the canvas.

Two In The Bush

This selection of original Grotti Lotti artwork has been inspired by Autumn beach shack getaways, mountain hikes in our local Grampians ranges, rowdy annual camping adventures and stuff I pick up from the ground and take in along the way. They say a bird in the hand…

Here’s Me Kookas

Introducing the Here’s Me Kookas collection – all original Grotti Lotti artwork! Buy your very own unique, one of a kind Grotti Lotti piece. All of the artwork in the Here’s Me Kookas collection are originals, and no prints will be available.

Other Originals