Grotti Lotti


A collection of large rambling botanical original artworks that have recently been growing in my studio. Some growing so large that they barely fit on my easel/studio wall.

Once I started these I found it hard to stop and ignoring all the ‘to do’ lists just to figure out how to find the time to start another, not long after the last had been completed.

10 large, special, forever pieces.


Paint your walls with kookaburras (and some other nature and play inspired pieces).

This body of work is an accumulation of the importance and intrinsic link between seeking adventure, making space to play, and in turn watching it come to life in the studio. My childlike sense of play and adventure is what keeps the vibes high and the studio blossom.

Please enjoy and I hope you find a piece that you love forever.

These pieces have all been created here in my home studio and framed in Tassie oak by Pa Rog.

Lifetime pieces.

Earthy Girthy

Earthy : suggestive of earth (as in texture, odor, or color) an earthy yellow. : rough, coarse, or plain in taste. earthy flavors.
Girthy : girth noun (MEASUREMENT) The distance around the outside of a thick object, like a tree or a body: The oak was two metres in girth.

Welcome to ‘Earthy Girthy’ yeah i know GIRTHY isn’t technically a word but you can see where i was coming from.  Large, textured, lush landscapes from the heart.

By The Seaside

There's a scientific explanation for loving the ocean unconditionally. Doctors have been prescribing days at the beach for centuries, as salt water, warm sand, and sea breeze benefit people's health.

'By The Seaside' is my ode to the ocean as a thalassophile - it will forever bring memories of the summer that was 2022/2023.

A lot of these beaches are from my imagination, please feel free to let them take you where ever you want to! … oh I also popped a few rowdy birds in with this lot - because apparently I can’t help myself.

Enjoy x

Drop It Like It's Grot

I didn't realise how much pink was included in this batch of art until I pulled them all together in the same room. Some of these pieces were painted earlier this year as a part of an upcoming collaboration that I am BEYOND excited about!

The latest landscape works were a challenge on colour and a childlike sense of perspective, because I’m always up for a challenge and constantly learning in the studio. A lot of these pieces are ‘memory catchers’ for me. Catching a feeling, memory or place in time.

Enjoy, and thanks for letting me paint for you all! There’s a lot of love in this lot.

She Dreams In Colour

Welcome to 'She Dreams In Colour’ - the latest collection of original works by Casey (Grotti Lotti).

This body of work was inspired by the colours and shapes that shift behind my eyes as my mind wanders before falling asleep. I made sure there were no rules with this lot: gave myself permission to play, not stick to one theme, medium, or palette - and the outcome is pure joy.

I hope you love them as much as I enjoyed creating them for you (IMPOSSIBLE!).