Hi I'm
Casey Manson,
AKA Grotti Lotti

About Grotti Lotti

Hello world, this is me! (Insert Saddle Club theme song here)
No really, hi I’m Casey Manson, AKA Grotti Lotti – the name originally given as a nickname to our messy, divine first born has somehow become my alter ego and business identity. Friends often refer to me as Grotti or the Grott so go ahead and call me what you will; it actually suits me and my art quite well.

I was raised in a loving creative home with a loose somewhat hippy mother who saw the importance of creating beauty all around us.

Despite limited funds she renovated every home (even when we were renting) painted everything she could get her hands on and made something out of nothing daily. I’m forever grateful for the modern day (what’s the word given for someone who makes something out of nothing?); that is my mum Mandy.

My bedroom growing up was always a make shift studio; messy tubes of paint and pencils covered the floor, easels and walls full of paper and canvas, and a guitar thrown in the corner.

I was lucky enough to be given a scholarship and began a degree in visual arts at Uni. But being a know it all 18 year old I dropped out in order to drink beer and kiss boys. …

Fast forward 15 years and I’m living the bloody dream! Surrounded by my 3 rowdy kids and with my husband by my side, working from home full time, keeping on top of orders from the online store and painting up a storm as often as I can.

A couple of years ago, after popping out three kids, getting married and gypsying about Aus I went back to a small local art class and started putting pics of my art on Instagram. Not to sell – just cos they were pretty and something I was proud to show off (other than my children and great hunk-a-spunk of a husband).

Stuff started selling, at quite a rapid rate, and people bombarded me for prints. I employed the help of some local printers and things just went from there.

I went to markets and sold out, was commissioned by blogger Constance Hall and my fan base took on a life of its own.

I’m continually surprised by the fact that people spend their hard earned dollars on my art, and I’m almost certain one day you’re all gonna be like, MEH she WAS cool, now we think she’s a bit shit, and I’ll go back to the way life was before.

I would paint all day if I could. My wicked, slightly addictive personality is the reason I can’t stop painting once I have started and pieces are often started and finished in 4 hours or under. I love HARD, paint with my EVERYTHING and am constantly inspired. (It’s both fabulous and exhausting!)

My art has been described as happy, unique, quirky and contemporary – but I don’t really have any words for it. It is what it is and often my hands work quicker than my head.

All mediums are welcome, I don’t judge however watercolours are my fave! Hands, skewers, pallet knifes, textas: anything I can get my hands on are used in the lil studio in my back yard, to create my pieces.

There’s often chickens wondering about, children hollering and footballs being dodged as I paint but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love hard,
Paint with my everything
and am constantly inspired

What else would you like to know?

I don’t take commissions (sorry but they give me the ICKS and nothing turns out the way it’s meant to if you don’t paint from the heart). However if you’re in NEED of an original piece keep a close eye on the Grotti Lotti Facebook page as that is were they pop up for sale.

Wholesalers are welcome, but only if they are RAD humans with shit hot stores. I’m 35, live in country Vic, am an avid lover of all things vintage and colour and just love going on adventures and spending time with my family and friends.

Oh and I don’t do international shipping, sorry it’s nothing personal but I’m mum first, Grotti second and keeping some sort of balance is terribly important to me.

Head to the stockists page and they should be able to help you out with OS postage.

Thanks & Biggest love X GL